On Happiness and Other Demons

I've always found summer to be perfect for sadness. It is quite unusual, seeing how it is sunny and full of festivals, parties, fun things to do, pool time and relaxing time... however I always associated it with sadness. I read sad books and watch sad films and enjoy them so much more in the summer because they just go so well together.

Maybe because I am an introvert. Or maybe because happiness is not something easy for me. I think I am happy, I actually am happy but there's still sadness inside. It is probably going to be there forever. I just need not let It stand in the way of my happiness. Sadness is not the opposite of happiness. Unhappiness however...

And I do have a tendency towards unhappiness. And it is somewhat easy to find reasons for unhappiness. My boyfriend tells me quite often that no matter what happens in my life I will always find the one thing that bothers me and be unhappy about it. I could be happy for 23 hours in a day but one hour of unhappiness will …

Summer Vacation

Starting right now!🌄👪

Booze, booze

Recently I read an article on how millennials do not drink as much as previous generations. Then I found out that I am a millennial... or am I?

Apparently millennials are defined as the humans unlucky enough to be born between 1980s and 2000s and have lots of publications write so many things about them - why is the media obsessed with millennials? Or maybe we just have a need to generalize everything about generations - I mean, wasn't everyone in the 60s a hippie? Surely millennials act all the same way.

As for what makes one a millennial, that birth years interval might be true for Americans, but I was born in Romania and I am not sure the same qualifies here because Romania was a communist country up until 1989, and the development, culture and media are different.

Now I will shut up about my opinions on millennials and everything surrounding that concept, and talk about my opinions on drinking - and more exactly on my relationship with booze starting teenage-hood (since these…

Lately: Awesome Women and My Newest Obsession

I am making an effort to watch more films... while I eat TV shows on a daily basis, films are a bit too long and demand too much of my attention. Alas, the same could be said when I watch 5 episodes in a row, but for some reason it feels different. So here's what was on my screen lately:

I finally made the time to watch this epic film Cleopatra from 1963. It is way too long and the story is... meh, you know, there was a better story to tell but alas, the decor and clothes made the film for me. Seeing Elizabeth Taylor in so many amazing costumes was breathtaking. Completely disappointed by how they made the story, but look at Liz being absolutely gorgeous:

I went to see Wonder Woman (2017) with my co-workers and on our way there I was a bit complaining about some things, and then we went in and I was simply amazed by Gal Gadot and the movie! I did not have high expectations but there were some expectations, of course, it's Wonder Woman after all. But the film totally crushed me…

What's Cooking in August!

Well, you guessed, I am still struggling to cook daily and for months I was thinking about getting a new hobby - cooking Japanese food -, so why not challenge myself and make a list with things I will try to cook in August?

Baking: I saved on my Pinterest a few French Bread recipes and I think it's finally time to do it. Maybe summer is not the best time for baking (it's hot enough), but I will put this on my list just maybe I will feel like it...

Dessert: Something easy, of course. I might be making my usual Banana Muffins for team-building, but I might not have the time (the plane arrives at 10 pm, I sleep, I go to work, we go in team-building so probably there's no time for baking muffins). So if that doesn't happen, then something easy with coconut - I had some Coconut Cookies at a Cafe and they were delicious... or maybe Homemade Bounty. I just feel like coconut anything! Oh, and maybe Sundaes - I never made them and it's not like they are hard to make, you jus…

On the Mind: The Zero Day Challenge

I am trying to save more money but it is hard to control my spending habits and I am not even sure what my money goes on at the end of the month so I will do the Zero Day Challenge. Basically, what I have to do is track all the days I spend 0 mullah. The rent, bills and food essentials do not count - eating out, takeout or buying sweets does not count as groceries.

So... this is it. Today is the first day. Probably I will spend more time building on this challenge and on what exactly counts as spending instead of saving, but so far I do not want to complicate it. I will just draw a calendar and then track it. This first week (until August) is more of a trial to see what to change and so on and then starting August the 1st I will try to get as many 0s as possible.

Hmmm, maybe it's not the best moment to start this seeing how I am going on vacation on August 2nd, but the more challenging the better, right?

// Andreea