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Week in Review || 22 - 31 January

We started the month with a week full of events and TV, then just events, then just TV and now we are back to... well, just life because the "media" part will be discussed in separate posts (hopefully).

So... last week's Monday started with a shopping session with some coworkers. We had the time of our lives and I laughed continuously. Everything was so nice, carefree and fun - we even got the same top and wore it to work the next day! Afterwards, I finally managed to go to hubby's monthly work dinner. I had my favourite lemonade from that place and tried their delicious cheesecake - which I guess it's now my favourite.

The next day I went to the theatre with a fried to see A Clockwork Orange, and I managed to doze off a bit - which says a lot about the show, but the truth is I was awake since 4 am and I was super tired. Nevertheless, I looked and felt awesome - I was dressed fancy and with hiking boots because I have yet to buy some nice fancy winter boots - wil…

Friday Reads || 27th January

Sometimes I worry that all the posts I do are Friday Reads and Weeks in Review, but to be honest, I started this blog because I wanted to do Friday Reads and the one and only rule of the blog is to not worry over the posts and only write when I feel like it!

But, alas, enough introduction, here are my weekend reading plans. It seems that this weekend is taking a bit of a feminist trend, as the main reads are Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch and Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own.

This week I finally finished The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (somewhat of a review here) which means I get to start other physical books; I am not really trying to only read one book at a time, but it's easier when it comes to deciding which book to take with me in my bag.

And the next book I was really looking forward to read this month is A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. It's a short read around 100 pages and I am already a chapter in (I started it yesterday at work…

Week in Review || 16 - 22 January

So... there isn't much to talk about this week.

Monday started with a series of unfortunate events, literally, and it continued into Tuesday and so on... The thing is, all these bad things that happened this week are things out of my control and I can only control my reaction to them. That being said, after a few bad days, I decided to not let them get to me and then the government went crazy - I think someone is a bit too desperate -, however, the people are out in the streets and the President is trying to do something as well. The world is a bit crazy at the moment.

So what do I do when things are crazy around me? I spend my time in fictional worlds! Before I go into rambling about all the shows I watched this week, there's one good thing we did this week: the car is fixed! And, now, it's time for fiction:

Apart from the awesome shows above, I also finished a season of Suits and one of Orphan Black, but both those show I watched over the past months, not entire seasons …

Read Shakespeare in a Year: January

I will do my usual monthly wrap-ups at the end of the month, but since my resolution this year is to read Shakespeare's work and I will be reading on average three plays a month, then I decided to have a special post with all the Shakespare read in every month! Now, I am ahead of the schedule and I might even finish Henry VI, part 2 this month too, unless I will take it slow and focus on all the other books I want to read.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona★★★☆☆

This play is considered by many one of Shakespeare's first creations and one of his worst plays. I think it's an easy play that is a lot of fun and really enjoyable!

It tells the story of... two gentlemen of Verona? And they both leave Verona to go to Milan, one of them in tears because he is going away from his love. But, fear not, cause once in Verona, he is falling for the chick his friend already likes. Yeah, it's that kind of play about love and friendship and a lady who dresses like a man!

There are a few charact…

Friday Reads || 20th January

Well, well, well... This is my first Friday Reads that features a book that's not on this month's TBR!! To be honest, my TBR is so diverse and huge that it's hard to get bored and look for books to read outside of it - and, yes, I know I will not read all that's on my TBR, but I will try (and I made my February TBR, it's just as long, if not longer).

However!!! I JUST GOT END OF WATCHAND OF COURSE I HAVE TO READ IT LISTEN TO IT! If you remember my "2016 - Year in Books" post, then you know that Mr. Mercedeswas 2nd in my Top 5 books read in 2016. End of Watch is the third and final book of the Bill Hodges Trilogy, and while the ending of Finders Keepersdimmed my enthusiasm for the series, once I got the audio book I got super excited once again. And so far [SPOILER]there is no supernatural mambo-jumbo, just a bit of Telekinesis which is basically some kind of mambo-jumbo, but it's too soon to judge[END OF SPOILER].

Anyway, I have a three days weekend …

Future List #1

I am daydreaming a lot. And sometimes I come up with ideas I want to do one day, but can't right now because it's either the wrong season, no money, no opportunity, no time and so on. Anyway, here are some things I want to do in the future or goals that I am already working on:

1. Horseback Riding Lessons
I am scared of horses. What a great start, right? It's good to try to get over your fears, plus I always wanted that horseback riding to be one of my skills. I found the place where to do it, I have a car to get there, I just need a bit of courage for that first lesson!

2. Get a Bike
Not any bike, but a red bike and I want to name it Hector. I want it to have a small wooden basket in front and I want to use it for errands. We are going to ignore the fact that my city is built on hills. Also, teach my boyfriend to ride a bike so he could buy a bike of his own and then we could ride together! I am so selfish.

3. Lose Weight
Well, this is probably on most people's lists, bu…

Week in Review || 8 - 15 January

When I wrote last week's review post, I was worried that all my weeks in review would be super long, but the truth is this past week I did not do much. The weekend was a lot of fun, but since I had night shifts, most of my week was pretty chill.

I don't even have that many pictures... so what was I up during last week? Well, I got some new books, and while I did not start any of them, I finished two books last week (Dune and The Taming of the Shrew). 
I went to the gym only once - which is okay, I was tired and busy. My goal is to go at least once a week when possible (that means when I'm in town and not sick) so I am feeling bad about it, but just a tiny bit. 
On the social life par... I helped a friend with an interview about couples living together and how chores and finances and all that jazz is shared and organized. Does this even count as socializing? 
Anyway, later that week I went to the running sushi place with a lot of people which was not a good idea, because th…

Otaku Sunday #1: Winter 2017 - My To-Try List

It's time to bring back another post series that I used to enjoy writing: The Otaku Sunday! All about anime, manga and Japanese/Asian stuff. Now I might not post them on every Sunday because lately I am barely making time for anime, but this series might bring the enthusiasm back!

Since the new season just started (or it will quite soon), I quickly scanned the chart and picked some things that I might enjoy. I am absolutely sure I won't get to watch all the anime on my list, but I never know which I will watch for sure... so here's a not so realistic list of what I would like to watch:

Starting with Little Witch Academia because I saw scenes from the first movies (which I need to watch too) and I love the animation and art style. Plus, I love all things witchy! The title is pretty self-explanatory, plus I did not research the plot much because there are two films I need to watch first!

Next on my list is Demi-chan wa Kataritai because it seems fun. It's about a biology…

Friday Reads || 13th January

In spite of my recent book haul, this weekend my reading plans are all digitalLet's get digital, digital, I want to get digital, right?

This past week was a great reading week... although I did not finish The Remains of the Day(my progress with it is great so far), but I did finish Dune by Frank Herbert (review will come soon after I will find a way to put my chaotic thoughts in order - but I really enjoyed it) and The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (review coming soon as well - I just finished both books at work last night) - you know what this means? I am ahead on the 2017 Shakespeare Reading Plan because The Taming of the Shrew was supposed to be finished next Monday! Did I mention that I already read the Sonnets and lines from Venus and Adonis that were planned for this weekend? But that's because it is going to be a busy busy weekend.

Jumping unto this weekend's plans... My life plans include going out to the Running Sushi with some friends today and so…

Book Haul || Libris #1

I admit that I started this year saying that I might go on a book buying ban and only buy after I read some of the books I own. But sometimes I just want to read something else and I decided to purchase some of the book from my January TBR pile since I am out of my 2016 reading slump and I am reading a normal amount (still not as much as I would like). Plus, buying books always motivates me to read more, right?

I purchased all the books from Libris - the online bookshop with free shipping in my country. I used to buy a lot from them, but stopped recently because Okian (another online bookshop in my country) has a great selection of books in English. Yet, there are some things I prefer to read translated in Romanian - especially if they were not originally in English.

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas are on my TBR this month, but the plan is to finish it in March because it's a big classic - heck, it comes in two volumes! -, and I want to read a lot of other things also. If …

Week in Review || 1 - 7 January

I remember that some of my favourite posts to do were the Week in Review/ Week in Pictures. But it's cold and I do not carry my big camera with me. Also, most of the pictures I take end up on Instagram (sorry for the spam, insta-followers), so I decided to just pick some Instagrams in order to bring those Week in Review posts back!

The New Year caught me in a lovely party with my co-workers, playing Cards Against Humanity and chatting and listening to funny music. I wore my sparkly kitty years and drank a lot of champagne!

Speaking of champagne, I am kinda doing Dry January this month, but not really. I am not abstaining from alcohol all month, I am just trying to drink responsibly and, basically, drink what I want and when I want. Last night, at the concert (see below) I drank a rose lemonade instead of beer - and when we went to a friend's house I had a few sips of beer mostly because I was too thirsty to think. But now that I am older and I know exactly what I like to drin…

Friday Reads || 7th January

It's Saturday and I almost forgot about Friday Reads! Fortunately I watched booksandpieces's Friday Reads just a second ago and I remembered that I did not write my post! Better late than never, right? (Let's ignore that I completely missed last Friday, but it was the New Years weekend so no actual reading done.)

This Friday was my day-off from work, however it was a full day of gym, running errands and freezing. But I did manage to finish The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare (short "review" here) and I really enjoyed it. And that's about all the reading done this Friday. This weekend there is not much Shakespeare, because the reading-plan is made in such nature that you can go and have fun during the weekend without worrying about reading your Shakespeare - so just some Sonnets and some Venus and Adonis.

The rest of my plan for the weekend includes reading most of The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. I am 10 pages in so far - so basically …

2016 // A Year in Books

I watched Ariel's video recently with her reads from 2016 and decided that I should do my own! I kept her format because it's neat and really makes me think and not talk about everything that I read last year. However, I couldn't help myself from mentioning other books...

Biggest disappointment: Uprooted by Naomi Novik. If you read the description of the book you'd totally think this is one book Andreea would totally enjoy. And so did I, but I just couldn't feel this book. It lacks development and some parts are super rushed while some are tediously slow.

Prettiest book: Now I am not sure if Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple is really the prettiest (the Uprooted cover is pretty nice to), but this is definitely a book I picked based on its cover and it was a delight!

Author of the year: And the award goes to Noelle Stevenson! For the comics Lumberjanes and especially for the graphic novel Nimona - which is not in my top 5 books (see below) just because I m…

TBR: January 2017

Last year I did not read as much as I could (and wished to), so I am bringing back the TBRs. While in the past I was trying to keep my TBR a small pile, this year I am shooting for the stars! The goal is not to read everything, but to feel inspired to read! And if I read something else, well that's also great. I don't even have copies of everything, but I am truly excited to start a new reading year - and I am really in the mood for more blog posts about books.

Now these two are the things I kinda really want to read this month - and are, at the moment, the only physical copies in my TBR pile. This year I am feeling more into classics than anything else so I went to my big bookcase with books I did not read and chose these two as the classics to tackle this month!

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro is one of the books I wanted to read for so long. This would be my second Kazuo Ishiguro book - and, surprise, surprise, the first (and only) book I read by him was not Never …