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Pizza Wednesday

I got the news. I am starting on my new position next Tuesday. And I have days off until then. And I will have a normal work schedule afterwards, which should mean normal sleep schedule, eating schedule and... life, maybe?

I am looking forward to adapting to this new way of life and trying to make the best of it and find balance. I am craving balance in my day to day life, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But why wait until Tuesday, right? So I went to the gym today. Because all I have to do is start - it does not even have to be a good start!

So I am somewhat more determined this time. I want to go to the gym more often and do my best there. But the most challenging part is food. I am not even sure where to start and I know controlling myself is not easy at all... but I am not giving up.

I will go the moderation route, of course, because taking out unhealthy foods from my diet is never going to work. I like to eat junk food, I just need to focus on eating more of the…

On the Mind #2

Easter's On The Mind Conclusion: 

The family vacation was awesome and the important thing turned out quite well. That's all I have to say about this (plus I did a life update quite recently).

As for this week... I have two morning shifts left and then I am free all week. If the weather is pretty, we are going camping this weekend - but it snowed a few days ago and a bit yesterday (hello, it's April). To be honest, I miss Spring and I want warm days and I want to wear my Spring clothes and shoes. Out of topic: I wasn't the biggest fan of Pantone's color of the year but I think I am way too suggestible and I bought two greenery-sh items in the last week. That being said, here's my weekly to-do list!

PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

Where I live has a great influence on my well-being and mood. We plan to buy a place of our own in the next couple of years, but since the rent on this flat is cheap that means I will have to live here and save more money. So …


Hello. Lately I've been in a "chatty" mood on the blog so let's do a bit of a life update. April is almost over and so far it was one of my busiest months - I prepared for a new position at work and I studied quite a bit. In the end, it all paid off and I got the job. It is a change I've been craving for a while now because working three shifts is not something I want to do for a long time - and now, after one year with the company, I got a new position that has a normal schedule and other benefits (of course).

April is a lovely month - we celebrated our 8th anniversary and also went on an Easter vacation with my family and some family friends. We are closer than ever and life is just too damn pretty (I don't want to jinx it or whatever, but I am happy). As I said recently, not all the areas are pink and fluffy, but I am trying to be content with what I have and work on what I want.

After the madness of this month, the family vacation was just what I needed.…

Friday Reads || 21st April

I am behind on my reviews and I do apologize for that, but work and the Easter vacation were in the way - not using them as an excuse because I had enough time to read these books. But I am getting there and this weekend these are the only books I will open!!

The books I get the most for review are romance books because on my day to day life I do not usually go for romance. Hence why I am always glad to go for romance books, especially short stories or novellas from the Timeless Collections. That I way I am absolutely sure there is at least one story that I will enjoy - or most of the Regency novellas because that is my guilty pleasure.

Valentine's Day Collection features six short stories set around Valentine's Day. I already read five of them and I enjoyed four of them. I am around half the final story and it is not bad. I admit I did not have big expectations for this collection mainly because Valentine's Day is not something I care about.

As for A Season in London, I a…

Yellow Thursday

I am home. It is snowing here which is a bit depressing because I did not expect snow... For the Easter Holiday I went to the mountains with my family and we had great sunny weather while it was raining in the rest of the country. Then I returned home and found snow. It is depressing. And sad. The trees are covered in snow and there's probably going to be a problem for the fruit. Climate change much?

Today is his birthday. I find myself constantly surprised by him and his love and my love for him. I did not think I was capable of loving someone this much or that this love is constantly growing. Life. Especially life with him is... so good that I cannot find the words to describe it. We made a snowman today. The weather can easily affect me, especially when it ruins my plans. However, there he is... ready with a plan, with a snowman, a great dinner idea and the best salad for lunch; he makes the best salads.

The turbulent weather and atmosphere does not reflect my life which is wh…

On the Mind: Easter Vacation

I said last week that I will not put too much on my plate but I ended up doing so... I should know better next time I have night shifts. In any case, this week I am going home to my family and then we are going to a cabin, so there's not much time for challenges. But until I get to that, let's see last week's conclusions.

On the Mind #1 Conclusion:

Starting with the "Make the House Pretty!" Project - I am close to what I want. Most of the house is tidy, the kitchen is awesome and although the pantry is not truly organized, the things are not cluttering the space. Also, I did laundry, changed the bed-sheets, removed some boxes from the room and did some tidying up. But there's room for more, of course. Anyhow, the main task (that of tidying up) was accomplished! But all the other house chores are... not.

I did not do anything from the Miscellaneous part of the week. Nothing to say about that.

Same with the Reading Plans, but I did finish the book I had to read…

Otaku Sunday: Spring is Here (Kinda)

It has come to my realization that the reason I find it so hard to write Otaku Sunday monthly (if not weekly) is because I am always trying to have a subject. But we also have established last month that I feel better blogging subject-free and just letting my thoughts flow. So from now on I will attempt to write about anime and other Japanese obsessions more.

That being said, let's talk about what anime I watched today (Sundays are usually the days I watch the most anime hence how Otaku Sunday started years ago):

The Spring season is here but I will no longer make a to-watch list like I did with the last season because I am more than certain that I will not watch everything on the list. I will just go with the flow this season and the flow took me to Hinako Note. I am sad to say that the opening was more entertaining than the episode.

Some parts of it are cute and funny, but let's face it, the story and most scenes are really boring. I am not sure if I will continue because I…

Friday Reads || 7th April

I will be repetitive since I talked about my reading plans in the last post, but I just want to bring back the Friday Reads.

Surprise, surprise, my reading did not go according to plan because I had some spontaneous things happening like a job interview and the discovery of Big Little Lies (which I watched in one day - and two sittings).

So, here is the way too optimistic reading plan for this weekend:
Condemn Me Not: Accused of Witchcraft by Heather B. Moore - which I already started and plan to finish today (after I wake up because night shift...), but so far I like it and I got attached to the main character from the first pages.Any Shakespeare readings - okay, maybe I am not an overachiever this weekend. I just want to finish ONE PLAY!! The weekend is going to be spent relaxing - and going to a mini-mall opening on Saturday, but other than that my plans are really chill. I might even consider a bubble bath, however all the books I have to read are e-books. In case I change my mind…

On the Mind #1

This week I have night shift and then a three days off. Usually I tend to do nothing when I have night shifts and then hope to accomplish everything on my days off. But no more!

The main task I want to tackle this week is THE HOUSE! It is no secret that I do not enjoy living here and I do not take care of the house - but I will try to make the house prettier and tidy up everything around me, hoping that this would make me enjoy my days in this house more (but I will still pray for moving as soon as possible).

1. PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

To start this project, first I need to have a good base, so here's a list of small tasks that I hope to accomplish this week:
tidy up bathroom - organize things on top of the washing machine;change the bed sheets and do laundry;organize all the pantry stuff in the kitchen and put them away;tidy up the kitchen (and do the dishes);remove the boxes from the room;tidy up the room. Okay, now that there's room to walk around the hou…

Floating in the Void

I am going through a thing. I might be back on the Spring asthenia thing, but whatever it is, I know I do not enjoy it. At all. It does feel like my motivation is gone and I do not know what to do or how to convince myself to move.

I need to get out. I need to get over this phase and return to normalcy or something that feels less exhausting and consuming. So, of course, I am blogging; it makes me feel better to have someplace to just spoke my mind and to know I am not bothering any human with this. I think all this started last month.

March was a slow and rather uneventful month. I put my shop on vacation because I do not have time (or motivation or mood or creativity or courage), I did not read as much (and I am behind on reviews and have a pile of books I want to read), I did not go to the gym as much... I don't really know what I did - although I did do some things, they just don't seem to matter; at least we fixed the bathroom drain and I can know enjoy showers whenever …