On the Mind #4: All About the House

How I Want the House to Be | How I Feel When I Have to Organize It

Long time no see. It appears I went to sleep thinking of On the Mind and I woke up way before my alarm - so here I am, typing (if it wasn't obvious already).

Now, it's been more than a month since my last post in this series and I accomplished all three things on the list: I did the small table decor in May, but sorting out the clothes and cleaning most of the room were done last week (tbh, cleaning the room and getting rid of boxes also happened in May). So it seems that I can do stuff, if I put my mind to it. Having a week as a deadline is what disturbs me so I will write these posts once in a while (hopefully no longer than a month apart). That being said, here's what's on my list!

PROJECT: The Closet Makeup

I donated a big part of my clothes, but I want to work more on this and be more mindful about it. Try to get over my feelings and keep only the clothes that I need (I am still allowed a maybe category for 6 months only). To break it down, here's what I have to do:

1. Sort through clothes on a daily/weekly basis - like when I do the laundry or when I iron the clothes, even when I simply dress up in the morning, if I see a piece that I am questioning whether I will ever wear again or not, then think about it and toss it or keep it (wear it!). Do the same for his clothes - got his almost-written permission, I cannot touch the shirts or T-shirts, but everything else can go!

2. Iron the clothes in the closet - after organizing the closet (and since I started ironing clothes only recently), I decided that when I won't have a big pile of clothes to be ironed, then I should just take a category from the closet (e.g. my shirts) and iron them while also making that pile smaller - cause ain't nobody got room for so many shirts, especially if that somebody plans to buy more.

3. Loungewear, aka my favourite clothes - this is the part where I throw least because I could always wear them, but it's time to go for the less is more route.

4. Same with gym clothes, although here I have gym clothes I wear in the house only, and actually gym clothes I wear at the gym. This will be ten times easier than loungewear.

5. The "other" closet, aka the coats closet with some other hanging bits and bobs - there are so many things that I never go there. Then one day I open the closet and discover a cute summer dress I could wear. Seriously, I need to sort this out and throw away any jacket I don't wear and keep for "just in case".

PROJECT: Perfect Bathroom

Well, it is more like having the bathroom as perfect as one can keeping in mind that I live in this crappy apartment *takes-a-deep-breath* and I already started this. There are a few more things that need to be done:
  • a general cleaning of the floor;
  • sort the shower products and arrange them nicely;
  • go to Pepco for some soap trays and a cute something to keep perfumes one and maybe find a way to replace that basket on top of the washing machine - as I mentioned previously, the top of the washing machine is ten times cuter since a trip to Pepco last week where I got two lovely wooden boxes, but I still have some big products in an ugly basket so I need to figure out a way to store them somehow...

PROJECT: The Kitchen Massacre

A bit too much gore? But, really, the kitchen is a mess! I am trying to get back into cooking and eating better and a nice and tidy kitchen is the secret to that! I will try to be more of a minimalist when it comes to my kitchen and pantry and have a lot of the usual stuff we use and less of things I see in the store and want to use someday but never do. So here's what I am planning to do the next couple of weeks:

1. A general cleaning of the kitchen - long overdue, but we will get there. I need to clean the stove and the floor, everything else is pretty much done if I tidy a bit around and put products back on their shelves and not on the kitchen table!!

2. The top of the fridge: the goal is to free it more. Have less stuff here, keep the small electronics and that's it - I have no excuse now, I have a small shelving unit so really, why are there still cereals on the fridge?!

3. Organize the food and pantry. This might be the death of me, but I will have to do it one day - and that day is closer and closer. Throw old products and keep the products I use often on the shelves in the kitchen so I will cook more, also things that I buy (like rice paper) because I want to use NOW are no longer deposit in the pantry where I will clearly forget about them (ahem, rice paper!).

4. Buy pots. We need them. Badly. Also, buy good pots.

I should stop because the list is long enough and I have not yet mentioned the bookcase. That is on the maybe-if-I-have-the-time category and we will see in the next On the Mind. Since it's not next week, I can breathe easily because now I am giving myself the time to do all this. Although I do wish to have it done by the time my parents will come over which is in a couple of weeks or maybe they will surprise me and come this weekend!

// Andreea

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