Stressed and Gloomy (And What I Do to Relax)

This week is a very weird one. Worked stressed me. Okay, that's much. Work can be stressful, but it only annoys me. It's not that type of stress that harms, it's more that there are stuff that annoy me. But they stay at work.

Instead, what worries and stresses me is when one of my life fundamental needs is in danger (I am not talking about wi-fi, not directly): a roof over my head. In a very unprofessional and unexpected ways I found out that the place I currently reside in is going to be sold. They told me sometime, more like they wanted me to stay here a few more months. Well, guess what? I want to leave NOW!

The well I write pretty much shows how annoyed and stressed this makes me, right?

But, oh. well, I will focus on moving on and on moving literally. I will make sure I get enough vitamin D to keep my nerves in place (does vitamin D help with that because it should). I will also try to get more sleep - mostly because when I sleep I do not worry and also because being rested will help me with all the locations I will have to go to and see and all the mental effort for intense browsing and searching and not killing any person who wants to give me a flat for way too much that offers way too little. This is what you get for living in the most expensive city in the f**king country!

And last, but not least, I am trying to be positive and relax - I sound so positive in this blog post, but really, I am trying. As for relaxing, I recommend yoga (duh), video games, coloring books (I have one with dinosaurs) and puzzle/logic games on the phone (especially picross). If all these lovely activities will not work - they do for now, but what if the stress gets bigger? - I might consider trying running or even gardening, although I do need a garden for that.


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