The One with the Mores

Marilyn Monroe | René Burri, Interbau, Berlin, 1957

Yet again I find myself wishing for some kind of routine - that being said it is almost 1 am and I should be asleep, my alarm goes off at 6:26 am. It is not that I want to wake up and do the same things over and over, I just want to be more organized. Maybe routine is not the word I am looking for.

It feels like time is passing and I am not doing anything. That is not true, of course, but it feels like it and I want to stop that feeling. I want to do more, dream more, achieve more, learn more, maybe sleep more on the weekends, read more, save more, try more. I just want to be more... And at the same time I want to... simplify more (it is still a more, correct?) and make life easier.

It is a work in progress. Life is a work in progress. A healthy lifestyle is another work in progress. Sometimes I am just expecting these things to happen, you know? To get there and be like "yup, I am living that healthy lifestyle where I eat my greens and workout daily" and to have those things be part of me without trying. But I guess that is not how it works, right? We have to try. Maybe until it becomes a habit, but then life happens and I don't go to the gym for a week and the habit is gone, so it's an in perpetuum series of trying.

But alas, I am trying. This week I purged my closet - sometimes the more is more of having less (more simplifying, see!) and that is also a work in progress as I am sure there are still things that should go but for now they are in the "maybe" category. I had a bit of breakdown: clothes in the closet, laundry to be done, clothes waiting to be folded or ironed... It was just too much. It felt easier to just throw everything away and buy from scratch. Needless to say that was not going to happen so I persisted (persist more!) and finally did it. At one point I want to have both my winter clothes and summer clothes in the closet at the same time - maybe I can solve that with a bigger closet (NO!), but for now I am content with more space, less clothing clutter.

Also this week (well, last week, it is Monday after all) I organized the bathroom. Maybe I should post pictures... but I love it. I got two wooden boxes for hair stuff and pampering/SPA stuff and everything looks so pretty and less cluttered. Not sure if I did an On the Mind update, but the small table is gorgeous too - with flowers and the wooden tray and the candle that says "It's a wonderful world"...

This week I plan to rearrange the kitchen - the pantry and maybe the bookcase. But, schh, I should not add too much on my lists because I will worry more thus procrastinating more and those are some mores I want to avoid.

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