On the Mind #4: Update

This is just a short update on my latest On the Mind post, because sometimes it's good to know where you stand with your projects and huge to do lists.

PROJECT: The Closet Makeup

Okay, now all my clothes are washed, ironed and folded (thank you, dad) and I have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES! Now that I am aware of that, I will mindfully sort my clothes - but not today - and give them away or sell the clothes I never wore or do something about them. I am not yet ready for a 33 closet project or anything like that, but I am willing to live with less... a lot less.

PROJECT: Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is scrubbed and clean and nice. All I have left to do is further organize my bath products. The soap tray project is postponed because it is no longer necessary.

PROJECT: The Kitchen Massacre

All done! I am happy to say that my kitchen is super clean, my fridge top is not cluttered and my pantry is sorted and good to go. Currently I am working on using my pantry more and cooking with all those noodles that we have and use more rice. Wish me luck. Also, got a pot and the rest is postponed because, as with the bathroom shopping, no longer necessary as further investment will be made next year and I might just have to replace ALL my pots!

So, all done. The On the Mind series will go on a break because it is time for my summer vacation - which I am celebrating with a challenge to post more! I will try to do it daily, but I am not making any promises.

// Andreea

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