Writing down your wish...

It's funny how things work. Earlier this year I made a list of long term and short term goals. I did it to remind me of what I want, but of course I never returned to the list - only a few times when I realized that things were happening...

On my short term I had to learn Excel which was strictly related to my long term wish to become an OMD analyst. I had that down before the position was even available to apply for - I knew or better said I hoped it would be available because they were looking for a Senior OMD Analyst that had to have 9 months experience with the OMD so... so they had to replace the person who was going to be promoted, right?

Then I got the job... and that's when I returned to the list. Some things from the long term were in my head really really long long long term or things that were not going to happen too soon... But now another one is about to be crossed off. Well, it is crossed off, there's just waiting involved and... I don't know, I am happy but also wondering if writing my wishes down somehow helped me to achieve them. Who knows.

There are mixed opinions about sharing plans or goals... I tend to have mixed feelings about it too. I do agree that sometimes sharing your plan makes you less motivated to achieve it because you kinda already shared it and it feels real and acknowledged... but at the same time, I need support so I am more like don't share your plans with the attitude "I'm so gonna do this awesome thing", but discuss your plans with people who care about you and support you, and well, I am sharing pretty much everything with my partner and that is good because he keeps me grounded. I tend to be a dreamer, when I am not in my most pessimistic state.

My list is far from being complete - and I need to add more to it because I am pretty much left with two long-term goals that I am already working on. I will not share it here, but I do hope to share my achievements. So far it looks like this:

Long Term Goals:
X - Become OMD analyst.
O - secret goal, but working on it.
X - --- in progress --- still not comfortable sharing it, but it feels more real now and a lot of people already know.
O - secret goal, working on it and doing better compared with the secret goal above.

Short Term Goals:
X - Learn Microsoft Excel. - I also did an online course provided by Microsoft on Excel.
X - Buy a laptop.

Oh, boy, I need more short term goals, right?

// Andreea

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